Learn how to post Flash files created in TAMATE-BOX.com to your website.
There are various ways, we introduce the way using SWFObject v2.2.
How to Post Flash Files

Procedure Overview

  1. Upload files to the server
    • SWF file
    • JavaScript file
  2. Edit HTML
    • In head tag - Call JavaScript to show the flash.
    • In body tag - Adding HTML and JavaScript, where you want to display flash.

Step 1:Upload files to the server

Connect to your FTP server,
Upload the folder and file that you downloaded from TAMATE-BOX.com.
1.Folder containing SWF files. Please upload.
2.sample HTML file.Please do not upload.
3.JavaScript file to show the flash. Pleace upload.
Please upload folder(1) and file(3).

Step2:Edit HTML

Please refer to the sample HTML file source(2), too.
The page you want to show the flash, please write in the head tag as follows:
Please describe the location where you saved the file.(src="***/swfobject.js")
Then, where you want to show the flash, pleace write in the body tag as follows:
Please describe the location where you saved the file.(src="***/swfFiles/C25696900_31.swf")
Please describe the width of the flash that you make.("700")
Please describe the height of the flash that you make.("115")
On "Describe here an alternative processing and image.",
please describe the alternative treatment(such as img) for browsers that do not support Flash.
If the browser supports flash, the flash will appear.
If the browser does not support flash, given the image will be displayed.
Description of how to put the flash is over.
In another flash, you can post in the same way.

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